Thursday, 28 June 2007

Traditional Dumpling,Nyonya Dumpling

Traditonal Dumpling
Nyonya Dumpling

Traditional Dumpling made on 09/06/07

Talk about how to make dumpling. Let me tell you a story how I success to make dumpling.

when I was teenager during that time, I always see my mother made. I felt that It was quite interesting so asked my mother to teach me but ...... quite dissapointed. My mother has really put her an effort taught me again and again but I still fail. Finally, I gave up, just know enjoying my mother's cooking only. Her cooking is wonderful...!! but... very sad I can't taste her cooking anymore cause she had passed away for 13 years . Maybe I think on that time, cooking is not interesting to me yet. Till when I got married for a couple of a years, I realized that my husband is really like to eat dumpling so decided want to try my own dumpling to let my husband eat.Therefore, I advised from my eldest sister in law( my Brother's wife ) for my mother's dumpling recipe. Afterthat I looked for another sister in law ( Husband's sister )to teach me at my mohter in law's house during dumpling festival.She just show me for few rounds and wonder why I can catch up very fast.I also have practised for a few times at home when feel like to eat.

That's how I learn it from them. Anyway, I am really appreciate and would like thank you to my both of them for teaching me.

Monday, 25 June 2007

Kueh Lapis,Hong Kong Porridge and Shrimp Paste Chicken.

Kueh Lapis made on Sunday,24/6/07.

Hong Kong porridgeCooked on Sunday,24/6/07.

Shrimp Paste Chicken.Cooked on Sunday Morning,24/6/07.
It is very crispy and taste delicious when it was hot. When you bite it , you can feel that juicy will flow down form chicken wings. Its really Yummy .... Yummy!! Actually it is very good idea dish for the party.I am sure most of the children will love it very much.Don't you agree ???

Saturday, 23 June 2007

Oreo Cheese Cake And Chicken Rice

hi,aunty Irene or KD.

Thank you very much for ur receipe.

Chicken rice.It was very yummy and delicious.Especially the rice is very fragant.

Orange Sponge Cake made last night.The texture is very smooth and soft.Quiet satisfication my baking.

Oreo Cheese Cake