Saturday, 25 August 2007

Sweet Bun 3 And Marble Chocolate Cheese Cake

Sweet Bun 3 baked On 25/08/07

My children asked me to bake sweet bun again . Made a few kind of buns which are garlic bun, sausage chicken bun, Seaweed chicken floss bun and ham twists bun ,etc.This time my sweet bun are out of shape and not satisfied of it but the texture is better than last time . It is really ... very soft. My son told me that the sweet bun is very good. Just like aunt Irene always say that you must more practice, so your bun will get better. it is true!

Marble Chocalate Cheese Cake 2 Baked On 22/08/07

I tried to bake chocolate cheese cake and not very satisfied too. Look at my cream cheese spread was not nice. If I want to get better result,think that I have to be hardworking .

Sunday, 19 August 2007

Sweet Potato Mi Gu

Made On 19/08/07

When somebody know this " Mi Gu" (面团), he or She must be came from North of Malaysia cause this kueh normally only can find from there. Mi Gu is just like Singapore's " 寿桃", the only different is Mi Gu doesn't have filling in it.When any festival, you can see people will sell in the shop or market.
I made " Sweet Potato Mi Gu " today cause will prepare it for praying 7th month festival on Tuesday ( 21/08/07 ) at my company.
I found that it is quite healty food. There is natural sweet and colour from sweet potato
I made a few of tortoises for my kids. They like it very much.

Saturday, 18 August 2007

Marble Chocolate Cheese Cake

云石巧克力乳酪蛋糕 Baked On 18/8/07

今天我到 Kwong Cheong Thye 去买一些东西,顺便去 拜访Aunt Irene。很开心的遇到Doreen 和SIS 在Aunt Irene 家。 刚好SIS 在学云石巧克力乳酪蛋糕。真是有口福呢!能尝到这么好吃的蛋糕 !谢谢Aunt Irene 和 SIS 给我几片尝式 .

Sunday, 12 August 2007

Sweet Bun 3

Baked On 12/08/07

Today I feel like want to try make a few kind of buns. I made Pineapple Almond Bun, Hot Dog Bun, Pork Floss Bun and Saugage Bun, so we can have breakfast tomorrow.

Tomato Rice With Masak Merah Chicken

Cooked On 11/08/07
This was a malay dish learnt from the recipe. Yesterday I cooked it for my family dinner. I added in a lot of chilli paste in the chicken so it was quite spicy and tomato rice was very fragrant and tasty. When it was mixed togehter , it was really delicious.

Saturday, 11 August 2007

Dou Sha Bing 2

Baked On 11/8/07

Before Bake
After Baked

I have tried to baked " Dou Sha Bing" again! This time the filling is not very sweet and slightly salty.Wow! when I have first bite when it was hot, I can hear the crispy sound. The skin is really crispy.I am very satisfied with it.It is really... really nice & yummm...!! Everybody want to try it ??

Thursday, 9 August 2007


Baked on 09/08/07 - National Day



Joann, veronica and me went to auntie Irene's house celebrated National day with her together meanwhile we still can learn mooncake from her too. See so good!一举两得,对不?

Actaully, it was quite fun with them when making mooncake.我们有说有笑,真的蛮开心的一天!

Traditional mooncake :-I haven't try yet cause auntie Irene said must wait after 3 days, 才好吃。So Must wait....... Dun know can wait or not????

Snow skin mooncake:- wow! its really taste good especially the skin. It is very thin and soft. I have let my colleagues tried this morning, all of them said very good and delicoius too.

Once again, I would very appreciate to auntie Irene for teaching us for such a nice mooncake.

Sunday, 5 August 2007

My Sweet Bun II

Baked On 05/08/2007 Before Bake
After Baked

Auntie Irene, I baked sweet bun again, I can't wait till next week to try so quicky go and buy flour. Today my nephew and his wife came to my house and let him tried. His gave me 80% of my sweet bun . Not bad already lah!right? I will try my best on next round. Anyway, Once again,I would like to say thank you to auntie Irene for your teaching & guilding me. Pls give me your advise and comment. thanks!!
Sorry, I didn't use the commet which you taught me cause the e-mail you send to me I left at my office, I promise to try to use on dou sha bing comment.ok!

Saturday, 4 August 2007

Dou Sha Bing & Sweet Bun - I

Baked On 04/08/07

Sweet Bun Baked On 04/08/07

Today is Saturday. Joann & I went to auntie Irene's house to learn " Dou Sha Bing & Sweet Bun ".We reached her house about 2.00pm. We chated for a while and felt that she is really ... really nice and friendly lady. She gave me a very good impression and good teacher. I am appreciated her to teach us a lot of things as I ever learn before.

We finished it almost 9.30pm. I am so sorry to stay so late cause she haven't take her dinner yet. She must be very hungry already....

These two pictures which auntie Irene helped me to take and post it into my blog.

very good and yummy! yummy!!.....